Here is a list of other sites that can be valuable resources for your research. - This is Colt's official site.

Colt Archive Services - This is where you can order a Factory letter from Colt about your pistol.  The factory letter will often show a shipping date and shipping destination.

Colt Firearm Serial Number Lookup - Colt offer's a free service where if you enter the Serial Number of your Colt they will respond with a Year of Manufacture of your pistol.

Colt Collectors Association - This is the primary colt collectors club.  They will have a show once a year at various locations around the U.S.

Colt Forum - Online forum to discuss anything Colt related.

American Society of Arms Collectors - Group of persons interested in collections, research and study of arms, armor, accessories and accouterments.

Bob Rayburn's Woodsman Page - Great source for highly detailed information about the Colt Woodsman and the multiple variations of this pistol.   

Cool Gun Site - Good site for information about the M1911, M1911A1 and parts.  Helps identify a good amount of the individual parts and Serial Number ranges they are used in. 

Fine Old Guns - A website that sells Antique and Collectible Firearms and Militaria Items.  Also has some great serial number lookups and inspector marking information.

Forgotten Weapons - Forgotten Weapons is a popular website and YouTube channel that covers the history of antique, obscure and historically important firearms.

Sam Lisker's Colt Autos - A great resource for Colt Automatic pistols and information.

USGI Pistols - Information on General Officer pistols and other US military handguns.