Colt Government Model 45ACP SN:C101411 MFG:1918 - Young-Browning Presentation

  • Caliber: 45ACP
  • Era: Pre-War
  • Factory Inscribed: Yes
  • Factory Order Number: 891
  • Finish: Fine Brushed Blue
  • Serial Number: C101411
  • Shipment Type: Commercial
  • Shipped To: J.M and M.S. Browning
  • Year: 1918

This Colt Government Model was Shipped to J.M and M.S. Browning of Ogden, Utah For: Col. Richard W. Young on April 9th, 1918.  It was on Colt Factory order #891 on a Single gun shipment.  The letter also states the pistol is Factory Inscribed: "Presented to their friend Col. Richard W. Young by the inventory J.M. Browning and his brother MS" on the left side of the slide.  Note the roll mark of the rampant colt and patent dates is applied to the right side and has pushed the "COLT AUTOMATIC CALIBRE 45" further forward towards the front of the slide.  

Brigadier General Richard Whitehead Young was born in the historic Beehive House Salt Lake City, April 19th 1858.  He was son of Joseph Angel and Margaret Whitehead Young and the grandson of the famous Latter Day Saint, Politician and Mormon settler Brigham Young.  At the age of 13 Richard began working in the freight office of the Utah Central Railroad and later att


  • Deseret University (later known to be University of Utah) from 1874-1877
  • West Point Graduate from the United States Military Academy in 1882
  • Columbia University - Bachelors Law Degree 1884

Career and Achievements:

  • Second Lieutenant in the United States Artillery from 1882-1889
  • Captain Acting Judge Advocate in the United States Army on General Hancock's staff from 1884-1886
  • Brigadier-General of the Utah National Guard in 1894
  • Captain and Major commanding Utah Light Artillery, Spanish-American War and Philippine Insurrection from 1898-1899
  • Awarded Medal of Honor for Distinguished Services and later promoted to Lieutenant_Colonel, Colonel and Brigadier-General
  • Admitted to Bar in New York in 1884
  • In Law practice Salt Lake City since 1889
  • Salt Lake City Council 1890-1891
  • Board of Education 1890-1894
  • Member of Board of Visitors West Point by Presidential appointment 1902
  • Supreme Provost Judge, Associate Justice and President of the Criminal Branch of the Supreme Court of the Philippine Islands, Author of the Criminal Code for the Philippine Islands
  • 2x Democratic Candidate for the Utah State Supreme court.
  • Regent University of Utah 1905-1917
  • Trustee Brigham Young University and Brigham Young College
  • President International Irrigation Congress 1912-1914
  • Colonel 145th Field Artillery United States Army station at Camp Kearny
  • Appointed to the Efficency Board at Fort Sill
  • Promoted to Brigadier-General April 12th, 1918 commanding the 65th Brigade 40th division American Expeditionary Forces in France.
  • Returned from the war early in 1919 and took up law practice again with his son Richard W. Young Jr.

This Colt Government model was presented to Lt. Col. Richard W. Young for his promotion to Brigadier-General in April of 1918 by the inventor of the M1911 John Moses Browning and his brother Matthew Sandefur Browning or more commonly known as the Browning Brothers from Ogden, Utah.

Brigadier General Young was taken sick on the 18th day of December, 1919 with appendicitis.  Due to complications from this procedure Utah lost one of it's most accomplished war hero's on December 27th, 1919.