Colt Targetsman 6" 22LR SN:098578-S MFG:1977

  • Caliber: 22LR
  • Era: Post-War
  • Finish: Blue
  • Serial Number: 098578-S
  • Shipment Type: Commercial
  • Year: 1977

This 6 inch Colt Targetsman is blue with factory checkered walnut grips.  It has a fixed front sight and an adjustable rear sight.  This Targetsman was sold to a Dr. Ellet Drake on June 20th, 1977 for a price of $149.95.

Accompanying this pistol is the original wood grain box.  It has the 2 piece styrofoam interior with the instruction manual and other papers.  Also taped to the top of this box is the original invoice from Jonas Guns billing Dr. Drake directly.

Ellet Haller Drake, M.D. (1914 - 2010) was born in Omaha Nebraska.  He obtained his medical degree from the University of Nebraska College of Medicine.  In 1939 he was accepted into selective training program at  Henry Ford Hospital's Department of Medicine.  His training was interrupted due to WWII where he would serve as an assistant surgeon and senior assistant surgeon.

After completing his medical and cardiology training, he joined the Cardiology Division at Henry Ford Hospital.  During his 37 years at Henry Ford Hospital, he led the Adult Cardiac Physiology Department and was chief of the Division of Cardiology during the 1970's.  While at Henry Ford Hospital, he helped develop and test the intra-cardiac manometer.

In 1978, he was recruited by the A. Ward Ford Memorial Institute to direct the cardiovascular program in Wausau, Wisconsin.  Dr. Drake served as it's medical director until 1985.  While serving as medical director, researchers developed a blood-typing experiment that was carried as part of the space shuttle Columbia voyage.

In March of 1979, Dr. Ellet H. Drake began working with Dr. Leon Goldman to establish an American society to encourage physicians and scientists to exchange knowledge, explore new uses for present equipment, and generate new medical lasers and accessories.  They invited 280 outstanding physicians and sciences from all over the world to participate in an organization meeting held in San Diego in January, 1981.

Dr. Drake served as Secretary of the Society from 1981 until 1994 and as it's Historian from 1994 until 2006.  The board elected Dr. Drake to the position of "Honorary Board Member" in 2006.

The Ellet H. Drake Lectureship award was established by the Society in 1995 to recognize a practicing physician who has contributed to innovative laser procedures and/or laser technology products for medicine.  The award is given annually in honor of Dr. Drake.

Dr. Drake is survived by his daughters, Halle Smith and Patte Kearney and grandchildren.